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Book Manuscript

Toxic Alchemy: Race and Waste in Industrial Capitalism (in progress)

In the segregated company town of Badin, North Carolina, former aluminum workers and their families are engaged in a protracted struggle regarding contamination with Alcoa, Inc. (formerly the Aluminum Company of America), a multinational giant whose development tracks alongside and reflects U.S. imperial history. In the Black enclave of West Badin, residents struggle to reconcile the loyalty, pride and purpose they gained from contributing to industrial production, with a growing sense of their disposability to the company, the town, and the nation-state. Toxic Alchemy reframes the significance of Black geographies such as Badin, places whose destruction appears incidental, yet is constitutive of modernity. Black life and death have infused aluminum, endowing inorganic substance with vitality and value, and in turn, aluminum production has embedded industrial detritus into Black bodies and ecologies, reproducing corporeal and spatial disposability. Stylistically, Toxic Alchemy models an anticolonial geopoetics, interweaving political theory and philosophy with dramatized ethnographic vignettes, elements of speculative thought, documentary poetry, and popular science writing, testifying to the fragmentation of life under colonial-racial capitalism.

Journal articles

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Book chapters

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Guest Editorial

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Edited special issues

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Public Scholarship

(Accepted by Editor) Pavithra Vasudevan. “Conscience of the Nation: the Leadership of Dollie Burwell and Naeema Muhammad.” Practical Visionaries: Women of Color and Indigenous Women in the North American Environmental Movement, Anuja Mendiratta and Beth Rose Middleton, eds.

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